About the Brewmaster

Anthony Canecchia

Anthony Canecchia is the founder, owner, head brewer, architect and all around awesome guy at SanTan Brewing Company. His passion and knowledge for pairing craft beer and craft food is admired and sought after by chefs and beer aficionados around Arizona and the Southwest.

In 2007 Anthony ventured out to start his own to his brewery after 7 years working as a professional brewer with the largest brewery in Arizona. With the partnership of his culinary and brewing teams, Anthony has built SanTan into a destination for foodies, beer geeks and regular folks alike. His style of brewing has created SanTan craft beers which have now become known as “Southwestern Style Ales”: A beer that is brewed and designed for hot and dry climates. Crisp, refreshing, and undeniably thirst quenching!!

The original Downtown Chandler Brewpub features unique ingredients and preparation methods that allow us to step outside of the box and offer our customers some truly imaginative cuisine pairings. Cheers!