The myth is that high-quality craft beer has to be in a brown bottle. The three biggest enemies of beer are light, oxygen & heat. So if you think about it, cans eliminate the first two hazards. Think of it as a mini keg. The myth of the metallic taste goes back to 50 years ago when tin cans were soldered with lead. Today’s aluminum cans feature a water-based polymer lining that eliminates any metallic contamination. Canned beer’s benefits don’t stop at taste & freshness. Cans are easier on the environment: They are nearly 50 percent lighter to ship than bottles, reducing their carbon footprint. Aluminum is easily recycled, and recycled cans can be back on the shelf with new product within eight weeks! Our cans are locally produced and have a one-way journey. It’s better for the beer, better for the environment.

The 32 oz Crowler system will alIMG_6804-250x333low patrons to take their favorite SanTan beer to go including small batch seasonal brews that are only available at SanTan Brewing and not in stores – fresh from the tap, daily.

These single use, recyclable cans are packaged, labeled and sealed right at the pub and are easily transported to any outdoor adventure or tailgate. Once sealed, each CanZilla Crowler keeps its freshness for up to seven days.

SanTan Brewing Company is the first brewery in Arizona to offer the Canzilla Crowler as an aluminum alternative to the traditional glass growler.

AmeriCan_generic1SanTan Brewing is the proud founder and sponsor of the annual AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Festival. Every Summer during May to conclude National American Craft Beer Week, Canning Craft breweries from around the country submit their canned craft brews to the championships as well as showcase their canned offerings at a beautiful festival in sunny Scottsdale Arizona. SanTan’s belief in the Almighty “CAN” gave inspiration to this festival and shows our commitment to educating the world about the greatness of craft beer in a can!!