Many are aware the Sex Panther has been lurking around the Valley for a little over a month (in cans too!) keeping us warm through the winter doldrums. Of course, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s his time to shine. We’ve taken porters, a style known for being rich and smooth with a chocolate notes, and added cocoa powder to the brew to play up those chocolate flavors and give it a silky finish.

A six pack would be enough to make any Valentine’s Day special, but as all SanTan fans and readers of this blog know, the only thing better than a great craft beer is the right food to go along with it. It’s no secret that Sex Panther is great with a chocolate dessert, but what about a more savory application? For starters, it’s good to emphasize that Sex Panther is brewed with cocoa powder and not chocolate. Cocoa powder is used in chocolate-making, but it’s other ingredients which provide the sweetness and fattiness often associated with your average chocolate bar. A simple way to incorporate Sex Panther into your meal would be to cook with it. One place to start would be to reduce the beer on the stove and make a sauce to go with your main course. Or if you have a lean cut of meat—I am a fan of pork shoulder—you could do a braise with the Sex Panther. Connoisseurs of Mexican cuisine are familiar with mole, a sauce which intricately combines chocolate, spices, and chiles. For those who like a little more spice on Valentine’s Day, it would be hard to beat a mole dish paired with a Sex Panther. The excitement surrounding Valentine’s Day surely pales in comparison to the anticipation of Arizona Beer Week 2013! The week kicks off with Arizona Strong Beer Fest on Saturday Feb. 16 at Indian Steele Park in Central Phoenix. SanTan of course will be there pouring some special hard-to-find beers. Throughout the week, we can be found throughout the state promoting Arizona craft beer with special tastings, tappings, beer dinners, and more. Highlighting the week will be a special beer dinner at SanTan with some of our rarest beers on offer. And those seeking something a little less subtle can pop in to the brewpub any day of the week for a special Chimichanga. Information on all beer week events can be found at, and SanTan events can be found or at our facebook page.