The occasion which the average consumer may not have noticed, but was momentous to those of us at SanTan, was the opening of our new production facility in April. The 35,000 square foot facility is now the home of all brewing and packaging for off-site distribution. With a bigger brewhouse, faster canning equipment, and more floor space, we were able to triple our production capacity overnight. That was good news this summer when we were identified as the 14th-fastest growing brewery in the country, with 84% growth from 2011 to 2012.

Even with the expansion we still brew at the original pub location in Downtown Chandler. Every SanTan beer that you drink at the pub is still brewed at that location. With the move into the new location, space freed up at the pub to pursue more creative projects. Highlights include a collaboration Saison with Dos Cabezas winery, a Double IPA, and a traditional German maibock.

There was plenty of excitement this summer over the release of Mr. Pineapple in cans, and he sure didn’t disappoint. Right on his heels though came the introduction of SuperMonk, our fall seasonal. One of the few canned Belgian IPA’s in the country, we took a light-bodied IPA recipe, some Columbus hops, and two different yeast strains to release something never seen in Arizona before.
On the heels of all this, we just announced news that will have big implications for next year’s recap, and might make that 84% growth seem like a drop in the bucket. Along with the hiring of a National Sales Director, we announced plans to expand into California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas.

So it looks like I better stop writing and start making more beer. In the meantime, a big thank you to all our loyal Arizona customers and cheers to a great year. See you in 2014.