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Mon-Thu:  3pm – 12am
Friday: 3pm – 1am
Saturday: 12pm – 1am
Sunday: 12pm – 12am

8 S. San Marcos Pl. Suite 106
Chandler, AZ 85225

an expression of our vision for modern spirits.

We started distilling and aging our spirits in hand-select oak barrels in 2015 with a mission to create 21st century flavors and give distilling a much-needed shot in the arm. Spirit House provides a venue to release our spirits and deliver an experience for the community centered around the enjoyment and education of the future of spirits in an unpretentious place.

old + new fashioneds

EVERYDAY OLD FASHIONED Choice of Sacred Stave Bourbon, Rye, or Single Malt Sugar Cubes • Bitters

JAKE FROM STATE FARM Jacob Waltz Bourbon • White Sugar • Orange Bitters

SANTAN OLD FASHIONED Crimson Oath Single Malt • Orange Bliss Amaro

BUTCHER BERRY Butcher Jones Rye • Blueberry Simple • Blueberry Bitters

GETTING FIGGY WIT IT J.W. Powell Single Malt • Fig Simple Fig Bitters

SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT Barrel Bandits • Brown Sugar Cube
Old Fashioned Bitters

SMOKED AGAVE Sacred Stave Rye • Agave Simple • Toasted Coconut Bitters

THE COMMONWEALTH Sacred Stave Single Malt • Maple Simple • Coco Loco Bitters

CARAMELLOW MACCHIATO CaraMellow Salted Caramel Whiskey • Black Stills Coffee Liqueur • Wood ‘n Nuts Bitters

SMOKED PEACH PIE SweetPeach Bourbon • Brown Sugar Cube
Sweet Cherry Bitters

WISCONSIN OLD FASHIONED Cochise Brandy • Muddled Fruit
Orange Bitters • Soda or Sprite Topper


EVERYDAY GIN + TONIC Choice of Saint Anne’s Gin • Q Tonic • Bitters

VODKA SODA SPLASH OF CRAN SanTan Spirits VeryBerry Vodka • Seltzer • Splash of Cran

CHERRY LIME SanTan Spirits BlackCherry Vodka • Sprite • Lime Juice

AZ SUNRISE SanTan Spirits OrangeVanilla Vodka • OJ Pomegranate Simple

CARIBBEAN COLA Lost City Rum • Coke or Diet Coke • Tiki Bitters

CHERRY COKE Sacred Stave Bourbon • Coke or Diet Coke • Cherry Bitters

POMBERRY MULE SanTan Spirits VeryBerry Vodka • Pomegranate Simple Lime • Ginger Beer

CUCUMBER MULE Saint Anne’s LimeLeaf • Cucumber + Mint • Ginger Beer

GEORGIA PEACH MULE SweetPeach Bourbon • Peach Syrup • Lemon • Ginger Beer

classics + riffs

MAKE ME THAT THING I LIKE! Let us customize a drink just for you!

COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK Ask your bartender

ESPRESSO MARTINI SanTan Spirits Vodka • Black Stills Coffee Liqueur * Espresso

MANHATTAN Traditional, Perfect, or Black

SAZERAC Sacered Stave Rye • Peychaud’s • Absinthe

PINK LADY Saint Anne’s Citrus Rose Gin • Orange Bliss Amaro • Egg White Sour*

SONORAN SOUR Sacred Stave Bourbon • Egg White Sour* • Red Wine

FRENCH 75 Saint Anne’s Citrus Rose Gin • Lemon • Brut

BEES KNEES Saint Anne’s Kashmir Spice Gin • Lemon • Honey

KILLER BEE Sacred Stave Bourbon • Lemon • Honey • Ginger Beer

LAST YEAR’S COSMO SanTan Spirits OrangeVanilla Vodka • Cranberry • Orange Bliss Amaro

CARAMELLOW DREAM CaraMellow Salted Caramel Whiskey • Chocolate • Egg White* • Cherry Liqueur

PEACH IMPEDIMENT Saint Anne’s LimeLeaf • Peach Simple • Chartreuse • Lemon

BLACKBERRY DAIQUIRI Black Stills White Rum • Blackberry Simple Lime

PAINKILLER Black Stills White Rum • Orange
Pineapple • Cream of Coconut • Fig Bitters

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