SanTan Brewing Company Set To Reduce CO2 Emissions By 50% Per Year With Earthly Labs Capture and Reuse System

Chandler, AZ (April 29, 2021) – SanTan Brewing Company is on a mission to reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for a cleaner Earth and better beer. To achieve this mission, SanTan has invested in an Earthly Labs System that recaptures the carbon dioxide that is naturally produced by the fermentation of its beers. The CO2 is then stored as a liquid and repurposed to carbonate SanTan beers. Additionally, SanTan has installed a nitrogen generator which will purify the ambient air and eliminate the use of CO2 for purging aluminum cans, kegs and tanks at its production facility. The combined use of these two new pieces of equipment will reduce SanTan Brewing’s COemissions by over 50% per year – resulting in 500 metric tons of COthat will no longer be added to Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“I’m really proud to be able to take this step towards creating a more hopeful future by doing our part to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner environment. Earthly Labs is changing the game for our industry by giving us control over key ingredients that are good for the planet,” said Anthony Canecchia, Founder + Brewmaster, SanTan Brewing Company.

With an annual production rate of 50,000 barrels SanTan is Arizona’s first brewery & distillery to implement carbon capture technology. The Early Labs CiCi unit is now installed and in active use, which can be observed by the public while touring SanTan’s facility, the largest independent brewery & distillery in the state of Arizona. SanTan plans to continue to work with Earthly Labs to explore other ways to increase their capture and reuse efforts.

“Pioneering climate technology only works if leaders invest in it. We are thrilled to partner with SanTan Brewing, a clear industry leader, to recycle their waste CO2 into a quality ingredient,” said Amy George, CEO, Earthly Labs.

Since the global pandemic, Earthly Labs has witnessed the effect of CO2 supply chain risk in some regions, resulting in shortages, CO2 price spikes and surge or force majeure pricing. Earthly Labs technology allows breweries to supplement CO2 supply by capturing and using their own natural CO2, which has fewer hydrocarbons and other impurities. To learn visit

Media Contacts

SanTan Brewing Company – Jen Pruett,, 951-265-3373
Earthly Labs – Diana Crawford,, 502-727-8881 

About SanTan Brewing Company

Open since 2007 under the leadership of founder and brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia, SanTan Brewing Company has established a strong reputation as Arizona’s favorite craft brewery. SanTan’s award-winning brews are available throughout Arizona, including at its friendly neighborhood pubs in Downtown Chandler, Uptown Phoenix and Sky Harbor International Airport. In 2015, SanTan began distilling with a mission to create flavors for the 21st century and to reimagine what spirits could be. SanTan Spirits are distilled and aged locally in Chandler, Arizona and have earned national recognition and awards. The experience of enjoying SanTan Spirits is fully realized in Spirit House, a tasting room and cocktail lounge opened in 2019. SanTan’s mission is to create uncommon quality for everyday occasions. To learn more, visit and

About Earthly Labs

Earthly Labs’ mission is to avoid one billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The company’s carbon capture technology allows for energy-efficient capture, purification and reuse of carbon dioxide from small-scale sources. Earthly Labs’ solution includes patent-pending small footprint capture hardware “CiCi®” process control and monitoring software, and maintenance services. The new CO2 exchange program allows companies to capture and sell waste CO2 to create value. CiCi is the first platform available for the small craft brewing segment. Earthly Labs is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to using business as a force for good. To find out more, visit



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