SanTan Spirits Uses Traditional & Modern Botanicals to Create 21st Century Gin Flavors

SanTan Spirits Uses Traditional and Modern Botanicals to Create 21st Century Gin Flavors | Blog | SanTan Brewing Company | Best Arizona Distilleries


Once upon a time, gin was produced from juniper as medicine to heal or calm nerves. Throughout the years, gin has become one of the broadest spirit categories. This may be due to the various origins and styles of creating flavor profiles that revolve around juniper as the common ingredient. Our distilling team at SanTan Spirits employs traditional methods of gin making, but we also seek adventure and embrace modern gin flavors. In this way, we embrace our commitment to 21st Century Flavors!

Our Inspiration for Flavor | Best Arizona Distilleries | SanTan Spirits


SanTan Spirits is a craft distillery located in Chandler, Arizona. You know, that state with the dry heat, cacti, tumbleweeds and abundant desert landscapes? Here we have a variety of local, native botanicals like juniper and citrus. These botanicals are grown in Arizona and helped inspire our flavor profile for our St. Anne’s Citrus Rose Gin.

Jumping to the other side of the globe, our St. Anne’s Kashmir Spice takes inspiration from India. This gin’s flavor profile is based from a blend of 10 Indian spices including sarsaparilla, lemongrass, and star anise.

Our St. Anne’s London Dry Gin is our take on a traditional (you guessed it) London, England style gin! We use a blend of 12 botanicals including grains of paradise and green cardamom and proof it to Navy Strength. A touch of dried citrus peel polished off this delicious blend with another tip-of-the-hat to our Arizona home.


Simply put, we like to think of our gin products as a coming together of cultures – joining the American West, South-Central Asia, London, England and more. In the way the United States represents a melting pot of world cultures and traditions, we’re blending flavors from botanicals that aren’t traditionally found together.

Since we are creating unique flavor profiles from mixing botanicals, our distilling team created systems to be as consistent as possible. One system we use is daily tastings to ensure we are keeping our flavor profile. We use vapor distillation processing, utilizing our gin basket to infuse the flavors from the botanicals into our spirits. This method allows us to bind the incredible flavors directly into the spirit as it is being distilled.

Interested in tasting Saint Anne’s gin products? Come by Spirit House Tasting Room & Cocktails in Downtown Chandler! Here you can order our Botanical Gin Flight that includes all our gins or enjoy our specialty cocktails created to highlight our gin flavor profile.

Saint Anne's Botanical Gin | Best Arizona Distilleries | SanTan Spirits

Want to learn more about our craft gin? SanTan Brewery & Distillery Tours take place every Saturday and Sunday.  Book your tour today!

Saint Anne's Botanical Gin | Best Arizona Distilleries | SanTan Spirits



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